Presentation Gorka Fraga Gonzalez

Gorka Fraga Gonzalez will be speaking at the 5th International Congress of Educational Sciences and Development, which takes place in Santander, Spain in May 2017. As part of this congress, Gorka is coordinating a symposium, of which his own lecture will be part. A description of his presentation can be read below:

New insights on typical and atypical reading development from brain and intervention studies

Fluent reading is an essential skill in our information society and, thus, it is a primary focus of education. However, a small but significant percentage of children diagnosed with developmental dyslexia are unable to acquire typical levels of reading abilities and require specialized intervention. We introduce the work from several European labs aimed at advancing our understanding of the brain and cognitive mechanisms involved in reading acquisition and dyslexia. Their focus varies from fundamental aspects of learning to the development of innovative interventions.

The familial risk for dyslexia is addressed by Iliana I. Karipidis in her talk “Simulation of letter acquisition initializes neural specialization in prereaders at risk for dyslexia” and by Dr. Jolijn Vanderauwera “Atypical Structural Asymmetry of the Planum Temporale is Related to Family History of Dyslexia”. Dr. Gorka Fraga González will discuss “the role of executive functions and organization of functional brain networks”. Further, the role of oscillatory activity in dyslexic’s deficits will be reviewed by Dr. Marie Lallier in her talk “Atypical neural oscillations in developmental dyslexia”.


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