Presentation Patrick Snellings, Brenda Jansen and Maaike Zeguers at the Faculty Conference 2019, May 18

Faculty conference

Patrick Snellings, Brenda Jansen and Maaike Zeguers will be speaking at the Faculty Conference of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences on 18 May 2019. This year’s theme will be ‘Health, Behavior and Society’. Patrick, Brenda and Maaike have organised a panel session at 11:15-12:30 in which they will present their new insights.

Learning difficulties and educational opportunities: Making use of individual differences

To make optimal use of the capacities of all pupils, education must respond to individual differences between pupils and specific learning problems (Specific Learning Disorders, DSM V) must be dealt with in an early stage. This session discusses studies focusing on individual differences in language and arithmetic learning, and the role of heredity (parents) and school.

  • Dealing with individual differences in education: the Orwell project, by Patrick Snellings, Psychology
  • Adaptive and maladaptive profiles in learning math, by Brenda Jansen, Psychology
  • An analysis of the skills that underlie reading acquisition in three different orthographies, by Maaike Zeguers, Psychology


More information about the conference and the speakers can be found here.

The conference is free. You can register here.

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